If you like music games and can't afford a rock band pack then this is a perfect and much cheaper alternative.

User Rating: 8 | Boom Boom Rocket X360
I am longing for the time when I can finally afford guitar hero III or even the full instrument version of rock band, but until that happens I will be filling my musical needs on the 360 on Boom Boom Rockets.

Roughly 10 tracks (5-6 rock tracks also available for purchase), each with an easy, medium and hard setting and several game modes. Modes include standard, 2 player, endurance, freestyle (with less on screen visual aids) and practice mode which allows you to slow down songs to work out all the sequences.

The game feels very well built and accurate from a musical timing view and the choice of tracks give you some refreshing takes on many classic tracks. This may not be to most peoples tastes but it helps keep costs down on such a title and it's equally as fun.

After each track you will be rated on accuracy, misses and general scores similar to most musical games. There is also a rating from A**, A, B... you get the idea. After completing a track on one of the settings you may win a new rocket. These are just collectables but collect every rocket on every song on every setting and you win a nice achievement.

I've finally beaten the game and won all achievements after quite some time trying to get an 'A' on any hard track, and even longer trying to last 5 rounds on endurance on hard. Endurance basically goes through the song over and over but at the same time getting faster. My tip would be to go for the rock pack add on and have a try at the track 'sugar high', also try using two fingers to help you when it starts to get extremely fast.

If you're into musical games then you really can't go wrong with this arcade title and it will keep you going as you try to complete all the tasks.