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User Rating: 8.2 | Boom Boom Rocket X360
Being a fan of music based games, I was looking forward to Boom Boom Rocket's (BBR) release. It's a fun game where the buttons are coordinated to their specific color, and with proper timing, you are treated to some more classical based music with a fireworks show over a city backscape. Get a good enough streak, and you can go into bonus mode, which then treats you to a more tripped out experience with brighter and bigger flashes and explosions.

While there's no multiplayer mode online, the leaderboard takes care of some of that for you. I know that I myself was playing one song over and over to get into the top five, and that helps add some replay value.

The song list right now is short, and i was hoping for a bit more bang from my 800 points. However, with the hope of downloads coming in the near future, BBR has the potential to be a strong entry into the XBL arcade.