A surprisingly good rhythm game that doesn't require a dance pad or guitar controller!

User Rating: 7.5 | Boom Boom Rocket X360
Boom Boom Rocket is a great example of a casual Xbox Live Arcade game that the hardcore can enjoy as well. The game's goal is simple-detonate the colored fireworks to the rhythm of the music. You got four different colored fireworks (green, red, blue, and yellow based off the 360's four face buttons.) that you blow up in various cycles and combinations with the songs rhythm. There are about 20 songs to play and most of them are decent. Many of them though are really just techno versions of classical songs which don't always work out, but the stylish, jazz tunes are my personal favorites. You also do your firework show in front of a large and nicely detailed city that looks like a cross between Singapore, San Francisco, and Chicago. Rocket has three different difficulties for new and experienced players so that anyone can play. There is also a visualizer that allows the fireworks to go to the beat of your own tunes although you can't play along, it's just for show. So for 10 dollars, you might want to give the game a trial before you make the full purchase simply because not everyone will like it. But if it clicks with you, Boom Boom Rocket is a solid game that nearly anyone can enjoy!