What a piece of garbage.

User Rating: 1 | Boogie DS
My sister, for some reason the world will never know, fished this awful game out of the wal-mart bargain bin for what seemed like a steal. Now I realize they should have payed us for taking it away! This game is so rancid in every criteria I don't even know where to start.

Graphics 2/10

If you've ever seen the Kirby Anime, you know how awful it looks when you place CGI characters on a 2D cartoon environment. If it weren't for the bright colors you'd be sickened by it, and when you walk from stage to stage, you're presented with a blocky drab sprite of your character being followed by a stack of old fertilizer.

Story 0/10

Each of the characters have they're own story, but none of them are very good. The blobby purple thing wants fish, and will get some by winning a dance competition. The strange boy and the strange girl just want to win the the dance competition. The cat wants to find his grandfather and will do so by winning the dance competition. You get the point. The characters are really uninteresting, and the way they speak sounds completely unreal.

Music 2/10

They did a kind of sorta good job picking out the tracks, but they ruined them in ways you never thought possible.

None of the vocals are sung by the original artists. Instead we have to listen to to awful off key squealing. Never have I wished I could listen to Britney Spears singing.

The instrumentals... oh god the instrumentals. In Short, they're awful. In Long, some of them sound like nothing you've ever heard; and you're thankful for it. And listening to the saxophone-ish thing at the beginning of "Get Right" made me physically ill. I'm not kidding, I was urging into the toilet.

Thankfully, you don't need to listen to the music. All the modes don't even go with the music. They just throw random arrows at you and expect you to copy them. And by the way, ignore those two "Beat Bars" and the sides of the screen. They just go the same beat for every song. Even ones that don't go the same beat as they do.

Gameplay 0/10

At the beginning, you're presented with a map filled with places you can go. You better complete this game in one sitting, because if you don't you'll never remember where you have to dance at the moment. You will be forced to go to every level until you find the right one. And nine times out of ten you'll go to the right one last. the tenth time you to the right one second last.

When you go into one of the levels you're given the option of three modes. Copycat, Freestyle, or choreography.

Copycat throws four arrows at you in random. it doesn't matter how you copy them, they don't even have to be in sync with the song. You just have to do as many combos as possible.

Freestyle is boring. Boring boring boring. You just flick your stylus around the screen like a retarded circus chimp and hope what you do gets you enough points to pas the level.

Choreography has moving arrows that pass through a circle. Because we've all been down this road before, I'm not going to bother explaining it more.

In a review, there's one thing it all boils down to. Is it fun?


I know I said check your bargain bin up in classification, but on second thought don't.