Honestly, when I first picked this game out, I never thought how good it would turn out to be.. a really fun little game

User Rating: 8 | Boogie DS
The whole point of "Boogie" on the DS is to gain respect as a great dancer from around the country. There are tons of modes, characters, career modes, and customization of characters. To make your character dance, you simply drag the stylus from the centre of your character out north, north-east, east etc. And even tap your character to make them do a wiggly jump. Also, every character has their own story, but I never pay attention to them because they're not very interesting... Also, during your dancing, you may need to accomplish a minigame to gain more boogie power. They are OK for mingames, I personally like the minigame where you make your character sing the dance music!
Great music.
Great customization/s.
3D glasses are included.
Graphics are sweet!
Limited song selection.
3D element doesn't affect your gaming experience.
Stories are a drag.
Honestly, this game gives you a break from those hardcore RPG's or shooters...