spoilers ~a Blast

User Rating: 8.5 | Blitz: The League II X360
games a blast~ Also can be hard ,i only just made it out of the prison after the division 3 championship,
The prison is a challenge for sure ,Prison rules, wanted to whip my controller a few times bahahahahahah

i Think Jay does a great job as the Agent and LT was great !!!! Damn they mad Lt in the cut scenes really look like him

i could see where the game purest AKA EA sports lovers could try and bag on this game~You put this sucker in with a few Homies and you will have a way bigger blast of a time ripping it up the any EA sports games

Alot will love this ,,the football gamer purest probably will cry a bit .mostly dudes who never even played in high school and WOnt play a game with out official Teams, for once unlike 2k8....The make believe teams were as tight and as creative then the real NFl teams......Honolulu.......and my fav Minnesota reapers

i play to many games to play EA for long fifa , madden ncaa ,2k8, but this filled my short attention span

Out of all sports games from the even the 90z to now Only blitz has ever tickled my pickle~ all the other games So boring~ Sure has changed from the 90z versions