The Guts and Glory of Football, now with real guts!

User Rating: 9 | Blitz: The League II X360
Yes, everyone remembers the old school and still highly addictive NFL Blitz, but wait! It lost the NFL License, even though EA got the license, Midway brought the classic game from the dead into a great gory game. The gameplay is just how you remember and now shows exaggerated injuries (it's always fun to give a player a fractured scrotum!), and great comedy from Frank Caliendo. The start of the game is that you are a up and coming star of the League and you make a team and refuse the LA Riot offer. Jay Mohr plays your agent and Lawrence Taylor is you. The game is great with the darker style of football. Note that the injuries are not as shown so don't freak out football players. You start off in the Division 3 League which are the nosebleeds then chain up the ranks. I have not tried the online so I cannot make my review on that. The same game remains from the original Blitz: The League and is a incredible game. I like how Frank Caliendo did a big and funny part in this game and Jay is also great. There is behind the scenes so you can watch the movies as you work on the game. I highly recommend this game especially Midway fans and classic Blitz fans.