Maybe A Hardcore Fan of the Series Might Enjoy It

User Rating: 8.4 | Bionicle XBOX
I used to be a huge Bionicle fan, they were cool to collect to me at least, and I became hooked into the storyline behind the Lego Technic figures, watched all the Flash cartoons on theri old website, saw the 3 movies, and most of all, wrote a fan fiction about it.

This game for the Xbox was not that bad at all. It is very short, but it was fun to me none-the-less. First you play as Tahu during the Bohrok saga, the Tahu level is basically a training level. Then you move onto playing as Kopaka, and these levels sure were fun. Then you start playing as the Toa Nuva after this, Gali Nuva's level is pretty tricky and has lots of water. Then you get to the Pohatu Nuva level, which was tricky, then onto Onua Nuva and Lewa Nuva. Tahu Nuva's level was very hard and got frustrating, and the final battle bewteen Takanuva and Makuta was pretty cool.

I thought the graphics were pretty decent. I mostly rate graphics on how the design of the game is, and how the graphics bring it out. By 2004, I thought Bionicle had lost its touch, but the game still brings back fond memories. Overall, this is not a game for serious gamers, it's more of a game for Bionicle fans and kids who collect and build them.