Bionicle is a disastrous monster of a game, which should be left at the bottom of the bargain bin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User Rating: 4 | Bionicle XBOX
This game is absolute rubbish, to sum it all up.
First of all, the graphics are the worst of any game I have played on the xbox. The characters are totally unconvincing, as are your surroundings, with an exception to lewa's level which is actually quite nice to look at and play. The value is terrible. £20 for this piece of $*%! No way. The difficulty is painfully easy, with an incredibly short lifespan of eight rubbish levels, all as boring as each other. The only decent replayability factor of the game is collecting the lightstones on each level, which unlock various trailers that may entertain you for about ten seconds, but probably not. The only thing I found remotely good about it was how rubbish the film looked, where I couldn't stop laughing for ages because of how gay takua looks. The gameplay is hopeless, with occassional bursts of not having to repeatably hammer the b button in an attempt to kill, or i'd better say (disable) the annoying lego scorpions and other beasts, to do other incredibly boring tasks. The fmv is terrible and looks exactly the same as the games rubbish graphics. The music isn't too bad however, with quite a catchy title tune and suitable music to the environment around you. Overall, unless you are a five year old kid who is into lego... DON'T GET THIS BLOODY GAME!