User Rating: 4.2 | Bionicle GC
Gameplay: it has a certain amount of fun to it, but that's all. If you are a bionicle fan, you will, believe it or not, like it less. It fits no where into the Bionicle canon, the only attacks you have are lightning blasts and energy waves ( no elemental attacks!), and , unfortunatly, each toa ( excluding tahu) has only one level! You don't even get to see kopaka's nuva form!

Graphics: Bad, even for lego. The graphics are reminicent of N64, and very boxy.

Sound: the music is actually pretty good. They sound like midi files and suit the game well. The sound effects, however, also reminece N64. Value: It's even less fun the second time around Tilt: a disgrace to bionicle, plain and simple.