It is, simply, an awful replica of a really cool thing

User Rating: 2.3 | Bionicle GC
LEGO Bionicle is, I guess, supposed to be an action adventure, where the characters, story, and the background are copied from LEGO's original Bionicle set. The main problem is, that the makers of the game have miserably failed to achieve anything better than a box that will collect dust on your highest shelf, or in your lowest drawer.

I really do not recall much of the game ( seeing as I played it like...6 years ago ) But I do remember some things. Like maybe the extremly dull combat, where your weapons are actually glowing lightbulbs that shoot stars out of them, and the horrible, annoying sound, and extremly edgy graphics. It is very irritating when you try to hit your enemy 20 times, and you fail, because your stars don't reach the enemy fast enough.

When I first got the game, I was thrilled, because I have collected LEGO Bionicles for quite a while, and they were very dear to me, because they looked so cool. The 1st ones looked like little aliens, but the 2nd and 3rd edition looked awesome. In shining armour, and with brutal medieval weapons, they looked like some fantasy warriors.
In the game, on the other hand, they look like 19th century marionetes.
Which sucked, and really dissapointed me. I think I never really completed the game, it was that bad.

No multiplayer also frustrated me, but now I ask myself : A game like Bionicle, combined with Multiplayer, and what do you get? dullness, bugs, lagging, and even more frustration and a lower grade for this game.

Overall, only, and only If you are a fan of LEGO Bionicle for life, and you live for games like Harry Potter 1 ( Only more childish ), you might just enjoy it long enough to complete it. But when you complete it, you won't have the will to start it all over again. I didn't have the will even to complete it...