If thou can complete this game, thou can look at the firey furnace of hell and laugh.

User Rating: 1.2 | Bionicle PS2
Why have I played this game you may ask? Well, It's a long story involving a severed head, a gypse's curse and a hive of bees. Anyways, I'll be blunt with my completly unbaised opinion. I *navi*ing hate this game. Playing it is the equvalent of being run over by a 18 wheeler while have live cockroaches shoved into your mouth. The developers of this game should be ashamed of themselves. They let something suck this bad. Every last person that works at Argonaut Games should be sentenced to the electric chair dressed up as a clown. This game wins the worst game of the year award! Congradulations! You prize is a flaming bag of dog poo! To claim it, step outside!