The worst game I have ever played.

User Rating: 1 | Bionicle PS2
When I was younger, I used to love "Bionicle" toy sets. They were the only reason why I was subscribed to Lego magazine, and when the movie was released I was excited, and shortly afterward I discover the game is going to be released, and it further fueled my love and excitement for the series, and then there was the day that my dad given me the game. I was excited and eventually started playing, only to see how horrible it was...

Story: 5 (Half of the story is accurate, the rest is made to be an excuse for how poorly crafted this game is.)
Graphics: 2.5 (The backgrounds are mediocre, while the character models are just horrible.)
Music: 6 (Decent, not bad, but it doesn't do the game any justice.)
Controls: 4 (The controls are some of the worst in any video game, as the combat is assembled by only ONE button, and the ways of playing this game are too easy, and the camera just makes the game worse, not to mention the very slow movement and occasional "drop" of all buttons, and could risk in a game over, despite the player holding the unfortunate player holding the buttons to a bittersweet demise (the sweet part is that they might stop playing.)
Sound: 2 (The voice acting is terrible, some sounds are either dull or are not even heard at all due to technical issues.)

The story is based primarily on the Bionicle series, although the game was originally meant to explain the story from the beginning to the end of the series and film (this game coinciding release of the film), but supposedly due time restraints, the developers had to cut much of the game, and made it a very bad, dull and simply tiresome story from bits and pieces of the story, and a few details from the film, although some of the acts within the game are inaccurate in order to skip that story arc and go into the next level (for example, Toa Tahu and Toa Kopaka defeating the Bohrok in just two levels and then immediately becoming the Toa Nuva shortly after, then Toa Gali Nuva defeats the Bohrok Kahl in only one level, and then both Onua, Lewa and Tahu fight three out of six Rahkshi and then skip to the second and final battle with Makuta [also skipping their first battle with Makuta, as it "never" happened in the "game"]

The game-play is just terrible in terms of...pretty much everything. The combat revolves around one button, which requires energy to be revived, while that can be done by holding another button for a few seconds, and then there is the exclusive moves for other characters (Kopaka and only ski and not walk, Lewa Nuva can temporarily fly and sometimes fall to his demise, Pohatu Nuva rides a mining transporter throughout a level, but these can hardly be called exclusive moves), the design is somewhat accurate to the series, but with horrible graphics it doesn't matter, along collecting crystals to unlock pointless details in the main menu, while this is too simplistic, especially in only EIGHT levels, which they can all be finished in two to three hours (even one hour if you don't take your time searching for crystals and or looking around), and the tech issues are kind of pitiful, including freezes, button actions something failing to work, the single attack button not working, the "recharge" button not working, and jumping seems to prefer the player falling in a large cliff and or lava. But the "best" issue I've had was the time when the camera panned so far in an area where the camera doesn't belong, yet the game is still playing, no music and sound, but still playing the level until the mission for the level started, and all that was left was a "nice" black screen. It makes me wonder why they even bothered releasing this game with almost of the content cut (it was said that both the Toa and Toa Nuva were meant to have their own level, presumably 13 to 14 levels in total, yet there are only 8 in the released product), and the horrendous combat, and the unusual technical issues throughout the game, and not to mention the list of inaccuracies throughout the near-already-told-for-you story.

I loved the series when I was younger, and I tolerated the films, and this game in commercials (the commercials via photo and video all appeared to have content that was cut in the final product, in levels that were never seen) appears to be a decent game. Unfortunately it is one of the worst games ever made, and the worst game I have ever played in my life, and I highly recommend that no even bother looking that this..."game."