You have obtained good game!

User Rating: 9.5 | Hitler no Fukkatsu: Top Secret NES
This is one of those games I've played a million times, and it never gets old. There's something so awesome about a game that gives you a grappling arm! The story is not very original, it's a classic vision of a future where good is struggling to overcome the evil forces of an empire that wishes to conquer the world. You play the role of "the captain" who is sent to find the federation's greatest soldier, "Super Joe". You progress though several areas climbing large structures, and battling the never-ending army of the badds. The thing that always kept me playing this one though, was the music! I guess some other people would get annoyed of it, but you can't imagine how happy I was to find that band The NESkimos remade a bunch of the music last year! This game is a classic, and the gameplay makes it all worthwhile. I recommend it to anyone who wants to play a good old-school game. And I will force all my children to play it and respect it.