Welcome to GameSpot's Best of 2016 Awards. Our list of the best games this year is a reflection of the GameSpot hivemind, a combination of the wide array of tastes, experiences, and preferences of dozens of GameSpot editors around the world. It's a varied list, where you'll find some of the biggest and most bombastic shooters of the year standing alongside smaller, independently-made games, all the while flanked by a wide range of other eclectic genres.

Stay with us through all of December as we recap the biggest video game news of the year, unveil our picks for the best titles you should be playing on your favorite platform, and look ahead to the next 12 months to see what the hottest games of 2017 will be. Starting December 17, we'll also begin revealing our picks for the 25 best games of 2016 (starting at 25, counting all the way down to number one). So what will be our Game of the Year for 2016? Stay tuned to find out. And you can check out the full schedule of content we'll be rolling out right here.

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