GameSpot's Game of the Year and Best of 2016 Schedule

A long road to the top.


2016 has been a great year full of amazing games, crazy news stories, and memorable entertainment. To help you sort through the year that was, we have stories and videos going up throughout December that highlight the highs, lows, and of course, our overall Game of the Year. Check out the schedule below so you can plan your holiday reading accordingly.

2016 Highlights

Gaming Report Cards

Here's how we feel all the gaming platforms fared in 2016.

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2016 Best Games

For our "Best Games" features, we present an unranked list of the top five games from each console.

Game of the Year

The main event! We start off with our ranking our 25 favorite games of the year. For our Game of the Year reveal, we'll be doing a 5-hour livestream countdown. Check out our schedule for the full details here.

Thursday, December 22

GameSpot People's Choice Award Voting Begins 8 AM PT

Monday, 2 January 2017

  • GameSpot Player's Choice voting ends

2017 Most Anticipated

Thursday, December 22

  • Overall 20 Biggest Games to Play in 2017
  • Biggest PS4 Games to Play in 2017
  • Biggest Xbox One Games to Play in 2017
  • Biggest PC Games to Play in 2017
  • Biggest Nintendo Games to Play in 2017

GameSpot Universe

Monday, December 26

  • Biggest Movie News of 2016
  • Biggest TV News of 2016
  • Biggest Comic News of 2016

Tuesday, December 27

  • Best Movies of 2016

Wednesday, December 28

  • Best TV Shows of 2016

Thursday, December 29

  • Best Comics of 2016
  • Worst Movies of 2016

Friday, December 30

  • Biggest Movies to Watch in 2017
  • Biggest TV Shows to Watch in 2017
  • Biggest Comics to Read in 2017

And of course, you can see everything lumped together in attractive layout on our Best of 2016 hub page.

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