GameSpot's Lowest Review Scores From 2016

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It's been an outstanding year for games, with GameSpot just recently completing its look at the best titles released in 2016 (check out our choices for the top 25 games of the year here). And while there are plenty of great experiences out there, not every game this year ended up being a critical success. Some games were poor experiences for a variety of reasons, from bad controls to game-impeding visuals, or low quality movie tie-ins to just outright uninspiring design.

So without any further ado, here are the lowest scores GameSpot assigned to games in the previous 12 months (anything rating 3/10 or below).

7 Days To Die

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"Thanks to an auto-saving system the game will seize every minute or so. The loading times for saved games are abysmal, to the point that I was waiting more than 20 minutes for a game to load. Zombies regularly glitch and die standing instead of falling down dead, which isn't good when you dump another three of your last five arrows into it, still thinking they're a shambling threat." Score: 2/10


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"Bombshell makes a number of references to its own failings along the way. Hanging a lampshade on dull fetch quests doesn’t make things better, however, and it sends a disrespectful message: Bombshell’s repetitiveness was a choice." Score: 2/10


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"Considering how poorly it controls, how shallow its mystery proves to be, and how little Breached cares if you succeed, it's pretty easy to mark it as a sci-fi adventure worth skipping. Breached has a spark, but it ultimately fades before catching fire." Score: 3/10


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"Ghostbusters has rare moments when it doesn't feel like an utter waste of time. But it's mostly a bizarre slog through mostly empty, overly cumbersome levels full of extreme repetition. Even for devoted fans of the films and four-player co-op shooters, Ghostbusters is a disappointment." Score: 3/10

Umbrella Corps

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"Its systems are either unreliable or illogical, and as a result, it feels almost impossible to get a foothold. The first time an enemy kills you when they should have been dead, you may shrug it off. When it happens the dozenth time, you'll probably wonder why you're playing Umbrella Corps at all. There's ultimately no good excuse." Score: 3/10

The Tomorrow Children

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"Technical problems are the least of Tomorrow Children's troubles. The resource gathering is tedious, the crafting is superficial, town management is convoluted, microtransactions are practically inescapable, and the world is unwelcoming and empty. In short: The individual components aren't enjoyable, and they don't contribute to anything bigger. There is no payoff. There is no point." Score: 3/10

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