In a time before the land was split came a game that would split all the land...That game is none other than me....

User Rating: 7 | Bejeweled 3 PC
Bejeweled 3 is a tile-matching puzzle video game or what you could call a game aimed at the casual gamer. Weather or not this is true is not the point of this review. I am here to do what i always do. I am here to review it as a game. Do you at the end of the day get your money out of it worth its price...Some full price AAA games sometime to not live up to that and they cost more to make and cost more for the gamer to buy. To be fair to compare the two or even to split them up like this is realy unfair because weather we play for hours on end per day or we spend 20 mins on a game we are all still gamers.

In bejeweled 3 you are supposed to swap one gem with an adjacent one to form a chain of three or more gems of the same color. When this occurs the gems disappear and a new bunch of gems which are randomly generated drop from above to fill up the empty space. When falling gems automatically line-up a chain reaction known as a cascade is caused. In addition to high-definition graphics, new sound effects and the ability to match more than one set of gems at one time. Bejeweled 3 also has a badge system, with some of the badges reserved for the most elite gem matchers. There are 8 modes of gameplay are available in the game including 4 new modes as well as 4 traditional modes from Bejeweled 2. These are:

The classic Bejeweled gameplay mode from previous installments of the game. All players have to do is continuously match a row containing of three or more gems by swapping one gem with its adjacent counterpart. The game ends when there are no more possible moves.

One of the new additions is a special Zen Mode, where players can play the game without end, as calming music and positive affirmations play in the background. This mode is tailored to relax players with relaxing aural tones, ambient sounds and breath modulation. Players can continue playing this mode endlessly as the replacement gems in the game are randomly generated in a way such that there is always one more move for the player. There is also a special breath modulation mode which features a tracking line which moves back and forth, it produces several breathing patterns which players are encouraged to match the breathing pattern. The overall objective of this is to slow the breathing rate of the player so as to allow the player to calm down and de-stress.

This is essentially a time trial mode where players have to get as many points as possible within a 60 seconds timeframe. Players can increase their time limit by lining up special gems, or by creating chains at a fast pace to gain a Blazing Speed bonus.

A series of 40 puzzles and 11 mini-games which include rescuing special butterfly gems, digging through diamond mines, battling ice storms as well as others. These are specially tailored puzzles which have an objective other than the standard Bejeweled gameplay.

Then there are the secret Modes which are not available untill the player has to earn some specific achievements to unlock them. These are:

This mode features "butterflies" that move up one space every turn, and have to be matched with gems of their own color to be collected. The aim is to collect as many butterflies as possible before a butterfly reaches the top, where a spider is waiting. The game ends when a butterfly flies up above the game screen and is caught by the spider. Reaching level 5 in Zen mode will unlock this mode.

Diamond Mine:
This mode features mining for gold, treasures and crystals. The gameplay consists of a digging machine that moves 2 rows further down underground every time all dirt above the 6th row is cleared. Dirt is cleared when gems immediately adjacent to it when matched, or detonated. The game starts with 1 minute and 30 seconds, and 30 seconds is added to the clock every time the digging machine moves down or 90 seconds of the whole screen is cleared of dirt in one move, for instance, matching two hypercubes. The game ends when the time runs out. Finishing 4 minigames in Quest mode unlocks this mode.

Ice Storm:
This mode features rising columns of ice that extrude from the bottom of the screen upwards. The aim of this mode is to stop the ice columns from reaching the top of the board, which freezes the game board, ending the game. Making matches above or below ice columns decrease the height of them, and making a vertical match in the relevant column will shatter the ice completely. As matches are made, a meter fills up and increases the multiplier by x1 and pushes all ice columns down every time it is filled. Once an ice column has reached the top, a skull sign appears over it and a secondary ice column rises up. Once this hits the top, the board freezes and the game is ended. Earning 100,000 points in Lightning mode will unlock this mode.

This mode features a poker-style game play. There is a pack of cards alongside a games board, and a score table. Every time a match is made, a card is turned over with its gem on it. After five moves, the resulting "hand" is evaluated and score is added to the table respectively. For example, five gems of the same color would be the best hand, a "flush." Making a match where two sets of gems on it will produce a card with a gem (the gem that was selected) and a smaller gem of the secondary match at its corner. This card can be use as both gems. Matching a flame gem or a star gem will increase the score for that hand, and matching a hypercube produces a wildcard that adjusts itself to produce the best possible outcome. Every so often, a skull appears on one of the outcomes starting with the outcome that yields the least score. If the player was to get this outcome, a coin is flipped with a 50% chance of ending the game. Players can remove skulls by filling up a meter that increases with each hands, better hands filling it up more. Reaching level 5 in Classic mode will unlock this mode.

With the game modes out of the way and what with this game having no story to speak of i will now move onto look at the gems as they are the star of the show so to speak:

Normal Gem:
A normal gem, which forms the basis of the game.

Flame Gem:
A Flame Gem, which appears to be a gem on fire, forms when a player matches four gems in a row. When matched, it explodes all gems adjacent horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Star Gem:
A Star Gem, a shining gem with a four-pointed star in the middle, forms when a player makes a "T", "+" or "L" shape. When matched, it explodes every gem in its row and column.

A Hypercube is formed by matching five gems in a row. When swapped with another gem, it detonates every gem of that color. If it is swapped with another Hypercube, it detonates every gem on the board. Additionally, the 2 Hypercubes that were used to match will return after all the gems on the screen explode. If it is exploded, it detonates every gem that is the same color as the one that detonated it. It appears as a spinning box with mystic markings on the surface, with the various colors of gems swirling around on its surface.

Supernova Gem:
A Supernova gem forms when dropping gems produce a row of six gems; it appears as a flaming star gem. When matched, it detonates every gem in its row and column, and every adjacent gem in the rows and columns surrounding it.

Time Gem:
Time gems drop from above, and have electric sparkles. When matched, they add either 5 or 10 seconds to the next round of Lightning mode. If unmatched at the end of the round, a 5-second gem becomes a flame gem, while a 10-second gem becomes a star gem. You only get this gem in Lightning Mode.

Bomb Gem:
A bomb gem contains a regular gem framed in a sea-mine-like black ball with spikes protruding from it. In its center, a number shows how many seconds or turns remain until it explodes, ending the game; it must be matched before it reaches zero.

A Butterfly gem has the appearance of a squashed gem sprite with wings. It acts like a normal gem, except that it flies up one square every turn, swapping with the gem above it. In modes where butterflies appear, a spider awaits at the top of the board. The game ends when a butterfly gem flies up to the top of the board and is captured by the spider.

Bejeweled 3 came out for Windows, Mac OS X, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, iOS on or around December 7, 2010.

On the whole this game has its flaws but the price you can be expected to pay for it and the hours of fun you can have with it more than make up for them. It may well not be everyones cup of tea but still to pass up on a game like this may well be a mistake if your a fan of games like this.