As someone who never had any interest in Bejeweled, this is awesome.

User Rating: 9 | Bejeweled 3 PC
First off, Zen Mode DOES work. Don't listen to the review. Just turn off the text mantras and it's awesome. IT does a great job of calming you down and it's fun as well. The quest mode is awesome, if a little short. The other modes are great as well, and you rank up for playing more, which is definitely welcomed. Definitely much better than the first two. 8 modes - do I really need to say more? Poker Mode is actually really fun, surprisingly. You just try to match the same color 5 times in a row to get a flush, if you can't, you can go for a full house or something else. The Butterflies mode is okay, nothing special, butterflies fly up, you try to match them to stop them from hitting the top. I'd say Classic, Zen, Quest, and Poker are really the standout modes here. Ice Storm has you making matches to break ice before it gets to the top, and while it's fun, it's also pretty hard. Lightning Mode is very similar to Bejeweled Blitz, in that it's 1 minute of gem-matching for a high score, however, you can extend your time with special gems, which works very well. The game is miles above previous versions of Bejeweled, and it's definitely well worth checking out.