Popcap is correct, Bejeweled is the world's #1 most addictive puzzle game.

User Rating: 9.5 | Bejeweled 3 PC
Popcap took six years to engineer the sequel to the smash-hit Bejeweled 2 Deluxe. I wondered why so much time had passed, and Popcap explained that they wanted to maintain the core gameplay that millions of people love, and retain its cIassic appeal. I believe Popcap succeeded at their goal, as I can play this game for several hours and not become bored.

I for one believe Bejeweled 3 deserves a higher rating than was given to its predecessor, as it brings newness to the game without losing its appeal:

- Game recognizes high-end graphics cards and automatically sets the graphics and animation to an "Ultra" setting.

- Background screens show marked improvement.

- Ability to string together six gems to form a "Supernova Cube".

- The Hypercube now looks like an actual cube.

- A Star Cube will score all gems in the vertical and horizontal row.

- A particularly great move will net you the "Instant Replay" option.

Gameplay is the same as Bejeweled 2, the only differences being the new cubes, better graphics and animation, new game modes, and the secret unlockable games (which are not difficult to unlock).

The standard game modes are as follows:

Classic - The classic Bejeweled gameplay mode from previous installments of the game.

Zen - One of the new additions, where players can play the game without end, as calming music and positive affirmations play in the background. This mode is tailored to relax players with relaxing aural tones, ambient sounds and breath modulation.

Lightning - a time trial mode where players have to get as many points as possible within a 60 seconds timeframe. Players can increase their time limit by lining up special gems, or by creating chains at a fast pace to gain a Blazing Speed bonus.

Quest - A series of 40 puzzles and 11 mini-games which include rescuing special butterfly gems, digging through diamond mines, battling ice storms as well as others.

Bottom line, is the game worth $19.95? I would say so, as it provides hours of fun, and I also use it as a break from uber-games so that they don't become stale.