While Bayonetta takes the sex edge too far, the combat and enemies are so epic, it doesn't seem to matter...

User Rating: 7 | Bayonetta PS3
Bayonetta is one of my favorite games this new year, because it's combat is amazing, and each tier of enemies are just jaw-dropping. But the sex angle goes too far (take the finishing moves against bosses, or how tight her cloths are, or that the fact is that her cloths are made of hair held up by her clip.) And by the time I finished the game I was like, "now what is the game about?" I get how Bayonetta is a witch and she is the key to some prophecy, but then the story just runs off.

Gameplay-Literally epic combat, boss fights are amazing. There are so many combos you need to have at least 50 hands to count them all on your fingers. There are two different types of weapons, dual pistols/fists, and a sword. You can always use the guns on her heels. But the game feels so much longer than it should though. There are some motorcycle sections, and there are a few truck jumping while shooting baddies sections (a.k.a WET.) Like I said before, the story sucks, there is another witch named Lileth, but there are few boss fights with her, or why her and Bayonetta are connected. Then right before the satisfying conclusion (and I mean satisfying, not in the sexual way though.) You have to defeat EVERY BOSS AGAIN!!!
So after that, is the ending, no spoilers though. The game plays in a sort of symphony, taking the different "verses" in each mission, which is a highly unique gameplay.

Soundtrack-Pretty good, sounds like God of War or Devil May Cry's soundtrack, but it's unique in it's own cool way.

Worth Your Time?-Yes, and not just for porno freaks either, for God of War or Devil May Cry fans, Bayonetta is a highly enjoyable experience, and a hot one too....