A great game to play with a friend, not a great game to play with a computer.

User Rating: 3 | Battleship NES
Battleship. A snore fest for all who come to enjoy it. The game works great as a board game that you sit down and play against your friends. A least then you can cheat. This is battleship where human is pitted against computer. In this 8 bit classic your eyes are ready to shrivel up and die when they witness the massacre that is laid out before them. You start the game off and you get the opening title screen. Everything looks cool. Then you start this god awful mistake of a game. It starts off with you placing your ships in *strategic* positions. Hey wasn't that fun aren't we thrilled yet. Now the game begins you have to guess where the computer hid it's ships. Well isn't that just boring to hell. Very faithful to the game, but as I said before at least with a human player you would be able to trash talk and make it worth your while. One difference between the board game that children thought up a long time ago was the use of special weapons. That's right this game has special weapons allowing you the player and computer to pan over the grid much more quickly. This helps reduce the play time in the battle to about half what it would normally take. Once you beat the computer you get treated to the final stats of the game. Accuracy and what not, bunch of crap that nobody cares about. Wash rinse repeat. That's right you get to do it all over again. However if you manage to tough it out and beat the first 14 stages of the game the computer will get smart enough to put ships next to each other. Now you would think that would make it more difficult, however with the nice special weapons in the game that only get better as you go along, you can easily lay waste to them. The sound is terrible and when you make shots you get treated to a nice seizure inducing graphic of a ship sailing through crappy looking water. The end of the game (30 games later) treats you to a semi decent looking graphic of a ship in the water with crappy explosions which I can only assume were supposed to be fireworks. It also says game over. The bottom line: This game sucks.