Though the Battleship board game can provide some entertainment, the video game can not.

User Rating: 1.5 | Battleship NES
It is weird that Battleship (the board game) has enjoyed the success that it has because it is pretty much a game based on guessing random numbers. Any enjoyment that is derived from the game depends on making wacky sound effects or catchphrases as your friend shoots down your battleship. So, the idea that having a one-player game of battleship against the computer is a fairly insulting one.

. Obviously, the computer knows exactly where your ships are, so, when the computer makes a bad shot, you never feel as you are outsmarting it because it could shoot your ships whenever it wanted. The graphics are fine, but really boring as the game is just two differently colored grids or some pictures of ships. Also, the music gets incredibly grating within about 1 minute.


Though the game gives you some special missiles that cover more ground than regular missiles but this doesn't add much to the strategy. The fact is, without a friend to play with, Battleship is not any fun. I feel a bit bad giving this game such a low score because nothing about it is completely broken, but the fact is, fun is fun and this game does not supply any of it.