frustrating fun

User Rating: 8 | Battlefield 1943 X360
update: COD WAW winning war for my time. sloppy, mushy BF:1943 controls and lack of variety causing it to lose luster. stop. over.

for the first 59 minutes, BF 1943 is a bit bewildering. but all of a sudden, things will start to click. for a downloadable title, this game is really quite an achievement.

games are fluid and dynamic and a blast once you get the hang of it. the arcade style is appealing - bright, colorful and graphic. the weapons are fun, even if a bit sloppy. the garand in particular has a really nice heft, sound and kick. at first vehicles seemed like crazy, out of control bumper cars, but just like in Bad Company, you'll figure them out eventually. planes on the other hand - i've flown only twice so far, most of it sideways or upside down. the guns chatter nicely, but the controls are wacky! that said, a few early adopters fly with style. you admire them overhead, gracefully spinning, dogfighting after their noob enemies and ground targets. once day i'll get the hang.

AA guns are fun. it's rewarding to knock some of those fancy flyboys out of the sky and watch them spiral down. landing craft give you endless options as to where to land. i like to crash them right into the thick of things.

the game is a contrast of absolute chaos and carnage and quiet introspection, as you can take 5 to wade through the beautiful water. trees and foliage look great and even better as you mow them down with a turret.

after you get he hang of it, you can actually appreciate how amazing this game experience really is. flawed, fun and novel, i increasingly find myself laughing with glee at the fast paced destruction,sights and sounds.

one other downside is that although there are a fair number of vehicles to hitch a ride on, there's still too much hoofing to do. i hate walking in real life, and i hate walking here too. same issue in BF:BC. not a big deal, but wastes time.

also, would prefer more achievement oriented stuff to keep things interesting. MOH:Airborne and COD WAW really set the standard in this regard, and it's a bit lacking here.

so, i give 1943 an 8.5 for its considerable merits as a downloadable game. once you get the hang (which i've got a ways to go to do) it's great arcade fun and a great value. nice job, DICE.