a bold new start for the dark knight

User Rating: 9 | Batman Begins XBOX
Batman Begins follows the movie in its story. The constant cut scenes and other small clips occur quite often throughout the game. Batman Begins really brings out the movie's emphasis on fear. Often you have to spook armed thugs to get them to drop their weapons. Batman is very vulnerable to gunfire in the video game and he can't stand up against it. This brings many obstacles for you to face which generally end up with Batman knocking something over with a batter-ang to cause everybody to drop their weapons. After getting used to the fighting controls, no unarmed thug can beat the Batman. Overall this game is an awesome way for you to catch a glimpse of the redefined Batman. My only complaint is that the game itself is too short. After getting acquainted with how the game moves along, most gamers could probably beat it within seven hours. Any fan of superheros should at least rent this game. This game really has great quality to it, but not enough quantity to keep you playing for a long time. Beating the game once unlocks about everything.