The best batman game for the xbox or ps2. This game is a must have for any batman or DC Comics.

User Rating: 10 | Batman Begins XBOX
One of the best batman games out there for the old xbox and the ps2. The plot never gets boring, except if you beat it nine times like me. Great scripts for the voices of the characters, great gameplay, and interesting overall. The game lets you take control of the batmobile for 2 missions, one where you race to crash/stop something, and another later in the game to save something/someone. The gadgets that Batman has are basically what you would expect for him to be packing in his belt. Good combat moves of all kinds. Interesting unlocks such as the old Caped Crusader outfit, as well as some others. Its stealthy like splinter cell, dark like the dark knight, and a great batman game compared to the other ones games out there for xbox and ps2. I recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of batman,superheroes, or DC Comics.