Recieved early copy of game played enjoyed and completed the NEXT DAY

User Rating: 9 | Batman Begins XBOX
This game is graphically amazing one of the best ive seen on a PS2, the game play is a mix of Splinter cell and Prince of Persia with a splash of Burnout 3 but the story line is better then all three combined because it follows the Batman Begins movie plot step by step with clips from the movie after each completed level. The game offers plenty of action through out the game and especially in the last few levels and couples the action with interesting stealth and puzzle solving play, by this I mean were to grapple or climb up next. But unlike other stealth and puzzle games you won't be stuck on any particular level for ages trying to figure out what to do next because you are continuously helped by arrows and clear boxes telling you what to do next and I think this is what for me made the game a little less enjoyable because it meant I was able to pass through most levels effortlessly meaning the game play was a lot shorter non the less satisfying then expected. Overall even though the game play did feel a little short and slightly repeated at times it's compensated by the fact that you are finally playing a really amazing Batman Game and I feel EA have finally shown what a Batman game could and should look like and would recommend this game to anyone whether a Batman fan or not