It is fun , but short and easy.

User Rating: 8 | Batman Begins PS2
The game is fun to mess around with. The people will forget they saw you after a while and you can knock them out stealthily. Other than that, it has a fairly good story mode (which is pretty much the only thing to do in the game), but it is short. You could finish it in one sitting easily. It also does a good job of telling the story without having too many cutscenes. I think that the gameplay is too cut out though. There is one way to get through each level, and sometimes you can stretch it a little, but it's not really worth it. Also, it is very easy. It seems like if you do the levels right, you barely have to fight anyone, and anyone without a gun is easy and anyone with a gun will pretty much kill you every time. Also, bosses, or people who have been made out to be bosses, like Ra's al Ghul both times, are pretty much as easy as normal enemies.