User Rating: 10 | Batman: Arkham City X360
batman arkham city was perfect in every single way, and it is so amazing and so epic and so legendary, there needs 2 b a hall of fame 4 video games so it can be inducted. I cant stop playing the game eversince I picked it up, all the characters were acted out nicely, the setting is very detailed and amazing, get the game its worth $50-$60. Hugo Strange, Ra's al Ghul and Joker had the best storylines in the game, but I did like Riddlers, Zsasz, Penguin, Mr.Freeze and deadshot's storylines though, oh! man I luv it! I think batman should go with cat women insteadof Talia, but Talia is amazing. My favorite enemies are the tyger snipers definently all though they did piss me off i luved fighting them.this things making me type alot :( but anyway I cant think of any other game better then batman arkham city, and no game can be made like it, live up to its success, or be nowhere near as legendary as this one. So stop reading this thing go on ahead and get yourself the game seriously!