Batman manages to do it again!! Worth every penny of the $60!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Batman: Arkham City PS3
Batman is back in another unforgettable adventure in Arkham. This time, instead of being secluded inside the walls of Arkham Asylum, you run the streets of Arkham City. And all the gameplay mechanics and things that made the 1st so great make a return in this amazing sequel

I'll start off by saying the story is a hit. All the evil tyrants that were locked up in the asylum on the 1st game are running the streets of Arkham and all are up to no good. Its up to Batman and his companions to bring a stop to their devious crimes and also bring a halt to the actions of the evil Hugo Strange, the founder of Arkham who has a key part to all this. Joker is among one of the main Batman rivals as well as Two-Face, Harley Quinn, The Penguin, Bane and many many more. The story is captivating and has many twists and turns and will have u hooked till the very end. U never know what is gonna happen next and its lovely to see just what these crazy maniacs are gonna pull next and to see who will be involved. There is nothing better than to see Batman and Penguin battle it out on the screen for the 1st time in years, but this time u control the action!!

The graphics are sweet just as before and the cinematics are absolutely stunning. I really didnt want the cutscenes to end sometimes cuz I was so wrapped up in what was taking place before my eyes and so enthralled by the action.

All of the good things about the combat make a return. Batman is able to learn many new combat moves and once u learn them all, u can really kick some ass! U will face opponents who wield stun guns, knives, sniper rifles, thermal goggles (so they can see Batman even while perfectly still in the dark), and many more so the key to surviving these hordes of enemies. Stealth is also another big help to Bats, since u can silently perform melee knockouts without alerting more enemies. There are also many gadgets at Bats disposal that consist of: remote manually controlled batarangs, batclaw, line launcher (which lets u shoot a line across horizontally to any platform/wall), and freeze blasts and mines and many more. These will help tremendously in battle and you will need to acquire as many as u can.

The Riddler makes a return and so do his puzzles. This is one of the big new additions to the series as this time around u have hundreds and hundreds of em to solve. There are many kinds of riddles some making a return from Arkham Asylum and some fresh to the series. We still got the trophies scattered around and believe u me, there are a BUNCH. Then we got the riddles where a hint is provided on the screen and u have to find the answer and scan Batmans detective scanner. And some new little minigame-like riddles make a debut where there are question marks that u must hit with the batarang and within the alotted time find the others and destroy them. Arkham City is big and its gonna take some serious thinking and alot of time to find them all. But they are so much fun and offer some pretty cool rewards for solving them.

But yet again, Batman has a winner on his hands. There really are no better superhero games out there than these two Arkham games and if u at all enjoyed the 1st one, then u gotta pick this up. Cuz it does everything the 1st does and so much more. Its quite addictive and so much fun to see all the different characters and villains interact with each other. I.E. The Joker and Mr. Freeze and Two Face are all bad guys, but they dont exactly see eye to eye. So for example when some of Jokers guys see some of Two Faces guys they will attack each other. So, it puts Bats right in the middle of a war zone and it really is interesting to see it all unfold.

Boils down to this, comic book fan, superhero fan or not, GO GET IT!!

Pros Cons
Awesome fun story Coulda had a better ending
Huge cast of villains and heroes Doesnt explain what happens to
Beautiful, huge city all characters
Tricky, fun, rewarding riddles
Great combat system makes return
Multiple replayability