The score I've affixed to the game is just a placeholder, read more to see why.

User Rating: 7 | Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean GC
Baten Kaitos is the sequel to a game that was
never made. The story picks up right after something
likely far more interesting than the main story takes
place, leaving you, a spirit, and 6 of the worst
voiced characters in the history of the human world to
save the world from something I don't think I could
have possibly cared less about. Dialogue is
horrendous, emotions are forced and fake-sounding,
characters run like they are on a treadmill, and the
backgrounds are confusing to navigate.
Maybe I'm just not as easy to please with
pretty visuals as the rest of the population, but this
game was dreadfully boring. I spent 2 years trying to
get the motivation to actually play more than an hour
at a time when I got stuck in the long, talky parts.
I will admit, the gameplay has its moments,
namely, the combat. When not ignoring everything
coming out of every character's dreadful voices,
you'll be treated to some of the most unique combat in
the history of gaming. The ONLY reason I kept playing
this game is the combat. Seriously, the combat is as
good as the voice acting is bad. The combat has you
using cards with different actions or items depicted
on them such as swords and magic and food for healing.
Each card has between 1 and 4 numbers on it ranging
from 1 to 9 and as you level up and class up, you are
able to hold more cards in your deck and play more at
one time.
When your turn comes, you have only a few
seconds to make your selections, keeping combat lively
and fast-paced. In order to maximize your damage and
even do bonus damage, you play cards in certain orders
or make pairs and triples with them. For instance, if
you wanted to play a pair of cards with the number 4
on them, you would get to do an additional 9% bonus
damage. After your turn, provided you have not won
the battle, you must defend against enemy attacks.
Some cards are used for defense, such as shields and
"yells" (which I never really figured out how to use).
However, there are elemental attack bonuses on
some cards, both offensive and defensive. In order to
defend against the elemental damage, you must defend
with the opposite element. For instance, if an enemy
attacks you with a water attack, in order to defend
against the elemental damage you would need a fire
defense. If you fail to use a counter to the element
and use one that does not block it you would not
defend against any of the elemental damage.
You can also make some snazzy combos if you
are lucky enough to figure them out. They are both flashy
and extremely powerful.
I could go on for hours about how much fun the
combat is but you don't want to read that. Here's the

Graphics: 7/10
Sure, they're pretty, but there is something
functionally wrong with them. Many times you will get
lost trying to figure out what in the background is

Sound (Music): 9/10
Some fitting music keeping the tone of what I assume
is the setting of the game (I had a really hard time
paying attention)

Sound (Voice Acting): There isn't a number low enough
It's bad. Really, really bad.

Control: 7.5/10
PRAY you don't get confused, that's all I can say.

Story: ?/10
It's not fair for me to affix a score here as I

couldn't even begin to pay attention.

Entertainment Value: 9/10 (If you ignore the story)
The "game" part is fun. Like, "wicked fun".

Total Score: ?/10
As with the story, I can't adequately judge a game I
didn't pay attention to. It's something you have to
see for yourself.