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Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean Cheats For GameCube

  1. Reference to Monolith Soft and Tri-Crescendo.

    In Reverence, Picture Book Town, head to the house opposite the fortune teller's house, and examine the two drawers. You'll obtain the Monolith Pen and tri-Crescendo Pen. These refer to the designers of the game, Monolith Software and Tri-Crescendo.

    Contributed by: Adori 

  2. Xenosaga Cameos

    The Magnus "Rare Action Figure" is really KOS-MOS, the android from Xenosaga. The Magnus can be gotten by exchanging your 42nd Constellation Magnus in.

    A boss in the name is called "Gnosis". This is an obvious reference to the main enemies of Xenosaga, the Gnosis.

    Contributed by: Adori 

  3. Unlock songs 53-58 in Sound Test

    To unlock the last 6 songs in sound test mode, let the "Shampoo" Magnus age for 336 hours (2 weeks) game time. It takes a very long time, but it's the only way to unlock the last songs in the Sound Test.

    Contributed by: _____Cait 

  4. SP Combos

    Use in the order I list.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    bananas, apple, avocodo, peach fruit cornucopia
    shampoo, conditioner, hair aftercare,water 1-6, hair dryer Angelic hair
    shampoo, comditioner, hair dryer beautiful hair
    branches, ceder tree sap beetle
    Birch, Short Sword Branches
    rice wine, shrimp, salted sweetfish coat of gallantry
    divorse papers, john hancocks pen consolation pay
    beer, peanuts, chicken kebob deluxe fireworks set
    birch, sculpting knife dog carving
    Birch, Sculpting Knife Dog Carving
    Orange, Chunk of Ice Fruit Sorbet
    bananas, sugar fruit tart
    Orange, Sugar Fruit Tart
    forlorn women, endorving women goddes of victory
    a bad fortune, fried egg, crimson oak blossom hateful diary
    pegusus horn, any type of sword john hancocks pen
    a great fortune, dried persimmon, young bamboo love letter 1
    a great fortune, dried persimmon, green mold love letter 2
    a great fortune, dried persimmon, blue only pencil or green light love letter 3
    an average fortune, bettle, orange lovey dovey diary
    Chunk of Ice, Short Sword, Melon Melon Shave Ice
    tearless mermaid, deluxe wasabi root mermaids tear
    pine tree, sculpting knife monkey carving
    Pine Tree, Sculpting Knife Monkey Carving
    bad meat, fire 1-6 pet food
    ceder tree, sculpting knife pheasant carving
    Cedar Tree, Sculpting Knife Pheasant Carving
    Eel, Pickled Plum Plum & Eel Surprise
    White Rice, Pickled Plum Rice Ball
    Shrimp, Fishing Rod, Melon Sea Bream
    use secret recipes 1-9 in order secret recipe ten
    Love letter 1, love letter 2, love letter 3 stalkers letter
    soy beans, straw stinky beans
    sacred wine, deluxe red wine, beer strange brew
    Chunk of Ice, Short Sword, Strawberry Strawberry Shave Ice
    wheat, uncocked rice, egg tonguetwister rouge
    the peach boy, dog carving, monkey carving, pheasant carving treasure
    straw, dark flare 1-6 Voodoo doll

    Contributed by: 0110101110001, Adori 

  5. Card Prizes

    Unlockable Unlockable
    To get Beef Jerky you must combine some type of fresh meat with Fire Burst 1, use it and it has a 40% chance to cure Freeze or +40 Freeze Resistence Beef Jerky
    To get Branches you must combine some type of wood with a small knife, it dose nothing but can be use in other combos Branches
    To get Charcoal you must combine Ceder Wood and Fire Burst 1, it will do nothing, but can be used in other combos Charcoal
    To get Cooked Rice you must (in this order) combine Power Helmet, Uncooked rice, Water Burst 1, and Fire Burst one, will heal 800 HP (w00t!) Cooked Rice
    To get Grilled Hamburger you must combine some type of fresh meat Charcoal and Fire Burst 1, dose the same as Beef Jerky only heals700 rather then 500 Grilled Hamburger
    To get Hot Rice Wine you must combine Japanese Rice Wine and Fire Burst 3, it has a 60% chance of cureing Freeze(O) , and 60% resistence to Freeze (D) Hot Rice Wine
    To get this strange Brochure you must combine Monolith Pen with Blank Notebook, use is unknown, but it says its text will change from good to bad Monolith Brochure
    To get Prophet's Notebook you must combine (in this order) Blank Notebook with Magic Pen, this will tell you if Magnus have changed in camp Prophet's Notebook
    To get Sacred Wine you must combine Holy Grail and Japanese Rice Wine, will Revive KOed party members with 500 HP Sacred Wine
    To get Small Fire you must combine Branches with Fire Burst 1, is the same a Jerky and Hamburger without the healing, but will turn into Wild Fire Small fire
    To get this funney Job offer you must combine Tri-Crescendo Pen with Blank Notebook, dose nothing, but is a small laugh Tri-Crescendo Job Offer

    Contributed by: Bear13inthewoods31 

  6. Namco Character Magnus Cards

    Considering how companies are now adays, it's hardly even a surprise that Namco's infamous Pac-Man and the likes would appear in Baten Kaitos. Oddly enough, however, the cameo appearances take more work than one would think...

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Keep a Momotaro magnus long enough and it will evolve into Wonder Momo (PC-Engine fans anyone?) Character Magnus 5: Wonder Momo
    Combine the following cards:Cherry+Strawberry+Orange+Apple+Melon= PAC MAN!!!! Namco Character Magnus 1: Pac-Man
    After enough time, Pac-Man (normal) will turn to his appearance circa Pac Land Namco Character Magnus 2: Pac Land Pac-Man
    After enough time, Pac Land Pac-Man will turn to Pac Mania Pac Man. Namco Character Magnus 3: Pac Mania Pac-Man
    Keep a Momo (Peach) magnus long enough and it will evolve into Momotaro. Namco Character Magnus 4: Momotaro (Peach Boy)

    Contributed by: Ashley Winchester 

  7. Goldoba passcodes

    These are the 4-digit numbers that you normally acquire by defeating Imperial Walkers (gold floating robots) on the Goldoba. Thanks to WiredKnight

    Effect Effect
    1342 Fires cannon (no effect)
    4649 Fires cannon (no effect)
    1004 Forced to fight Imperial Walkers
    0429 Forced to fight Imperial Walkers
    3291 Gain a Magnus
    0819 Gain a Magnus
    4653 Unlocks the bridge so you can progress to the boss fight

    Contributed by: syckls 

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