Best Rogue-like I've ever played!!!!!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Baroque WII
This is seriously the best rogue-like that i've have ever played in my entire gaming history (nerdy i know but my gamer history goes back 16 years to when i was a little baby) the graphics are some of the best that i have ever seen on the wii, and the story is phenomenal. Basically you are a man who wakes up in a post-apocalyptic/ hellish world where everyone is distorted in some way, shape, or form and you have monstrous amnesia (you don't even remember how to speak) and to figure out who you are and why you feel so guilty you must fight your way to the bottom of the neuro tower and _____________( i don't really want to spoil the game for you.) You'll probably read about how horrible the game is because it restarts you after you die, level, inventory and all its all gone if you die. I'll admit that it frustrated me at first too but then i kept playing and found out something that helps you with that problem, there are special spots in the game where you can transfer items to "the collector" and he will hold them for you and you can get them back from him if/when you die.

The people who say its boring because you have to replay it over and over apparently don't understand the game and have to short of attention spans to figure it out, thats how you understand the game and progress in the game. If you pay more attention to it then you'd realize that the farther you go in the game the more things begin to change around you, and if you have an IQ in the triple digits then you will start to piece together what is going on and start to understand it all.

Basically i am telling anyone who has a long enough attention span to read this review and can deal with a few almost frustrating camera angle and control problems, and graphics that are up to par with the wiis capabilities, to get your money together and get your butt over to your local game store and buy this great game.

Now im going to go play this incredible game some more.