Amazing! (but only if you like rogue-like dungeon crawls) This game has taken the genre in a HUGE step fo

User Rating: 9 | Baroque WII
Alright. If you're reading this then maybe there's some hope.

I understand that this game is getting less than favorable reviews. BUT THEY ARE LIES!

This game is pretty close to a perfect 10, only missing out because of a few awkward camera problems and a less than natural feeling combat system. other than that is the game that some of us have been waiting for our whole lives. What I mean is, a good representation of a 3D, console, rogue-like.

If you are not sure what a rogue-like game is, then google it, find one, play it. There are some of us who have spent hundreds of hours moving around an @ symbol only to lose our character and revert to a state of depression, then start again in a day or two. This game will give you all of that pleasure (and so much more).

Okay, here goes a review.

Story: This is the games strongest point. The story makes you THINK it treats you like you are an intelligent person and doesn't spoon feed you boring content assuming you are incapable of understanding a complicated storyline. I'll admit it may not be suitable for children (although they probably wouldn't understand how to progress the story anyways). Speaking of which, progressing the story can be HARD. If you've ever played an old PC RPG (see any DOS RPG) then you know that not all games give hints as to where the next plot line is. This game goes one step further and gives you only the most cryptic messages as hints.

Game play: You crawl through dungeons. Kill monsters. Level. Get Items. Use Items to kill monsters and level and get more items. If this sounds boring to you, then you aren't a fan of rogue-like dungeon crawls (this game may make you a fan) The leveling system is strange though, as you can "beat" the game in a few hours the first time (every time you "beat" the game you go back to town with a few of your items and are level 1 again, although some stat increases due to items and such seem to stick) I put beat in parentheses because you aren't really beating the game, there aren't any credits or glorified "fin" anywhere. you just wake up where you started the game, and go do some more stuff.

As for the camera issues. What can I say, most 3D game suffer from camera issues. If you've been playing games for any period of time, you accept this and will continue to purchase games regardless of camera problems. This doesn't mean you won't swear at your television every time Mario falls down a hole you didn't see because the camera was behind a rock, but it will all be okay. One tip that I will give you, in the options menu you can switch to first person mode, this makes some very hard battles because much much easier. And don't get discouraged if you die at first. just reset, and try again. In the first few floors I died probably 10 times (and I've been playing video games for a pretty long time) since then I haven't really died much at all. Every once in awhile you'll step on a land mine, or get surrounded, but once you have the controls down, and have some decent weapons and armor, the game really isn't as hard as people are making it out to be.

Setting/Characters: Okay, maybe this should fall into story, but the setting and characters really bring this game together. The main mood is "THIS IS THE CREEPIEST THING THAT HAS EVER BEEN ON MY TELEVISION DEAR GOD IT HURTS MY BRAIN/EYES/SOUL" The game sort of takes place in hell (I say sort of because I haven't finished the game, and thus still have little to no idea of what is going on, and this is after probably 20 hours of playing) But trust me, you will find the characters interesting, assuming you like that sort of thing.

Sound: This game should win some sort of award for its sound track. THE END.

Graphics: it's on PS2/Wii. It's a remake of a Saturn game. It's a rogue-like dungeon crawl. with all of these things in mind. It has better graphics than some PS2 games. It doesn't make your eyes hurt. The enemies look amazing. You aren't an @ sign. All things considered, the game has pretty good graphics.

Replay Value: For me this is the most important thing in a game. And as far as I can tell, this game as an infinite amount of replay value. Since I've bought it I've played it until falling asleep in my chair more than once. And as i write this review, I can't wait to start playing again.

Overall: This review is very bias, I grew up playing rogue-likes. I still load up angband and move my little @ sign around for hours on end. I don't care much for graphics, I don't particularly like straight forward story lines, or really easy games that tell you everything to do and assume you have never played a game and that you are of bellow average intelligence.

I do not, in any way, recommend that everyone go out and buy this game. If you think you're a fan of RPG's then you may want to rent this and see if you like rogue-like's. If you already like rogue-likes. then buy this game, you will in no way regret your decision (although the battle system is live action, so if you're a purist and really like running into enemies to do damage, than you might not like having to dodge and attack and throw things and what-not.

Alright, so, in closing, don't believe everything you read in reviews. Different people like different games. This game is a very large step forward in it's genre