The Best Rock Band console coppy you can have as portable. And is Great!

User Rating: 8.5 | Band Hero DS
Let's start.

This is a very fun game for anyone who likes rhythm games or liked Guitar Hero On Tour. Band Hero introduces Drums and Vocals for the first full band experience for DS. The vocals are great (I've only played on easy) but i would recommend using Headphones for better vocals. Drums are great! i loved the drum skin but one fault with my skin was,the green pad seemed to not read and does not go down as much when pushed down as other pads and makes me very mad, but that is my only complaint. Guitar is just the same. (hand cramps sometimes, and to small for larger hands) and you can play bass as a instrument (not in practice)

The Graphics are as normal as almost any DS game out there.

There is Plenty of outfits and other things for you character to customize him/her. And there is challenges (achievements) .

If you bought or liked Guitar Hero On Tour and/or wanted drums or vocals Band Hero is a Great choice!