Best band 2K game ever!!

User Rating: 10 | Band Hero DS
The best game for the DS ever!! This game really rocks. You can play guitar, bass, vocals and my favorite i drums!!! Drums are crazy for me and with this Band hero game, now I can play music and drums from anywhere from schools, shopping, and more. It is so cool and its really thrilling too. Band hero is the best band game I ever played. I was so happy to know when Band hero came on DS. U will also get drum grip, guitar grip with the box. Great graphics juz keep rocking!! My friends and me will play it and u can even create a drum band!! This much specialties and need more of it???You will never get tired of playing this game like the others. Just hip hop, rock and play. There are about 30 songs and all are rocking!!The guitars, drums everything u need is on Band hero. So get yours soon and start the party!!!

The last thing: Band hero rocks!!