If you've been buying the On Tour series and hated them, this one is better, but only half of it.

User Rating: 7 | Band Hero DS
So I bought this at a GameStop for only $20 dollors since it was a sale that day, and when I unpackaged the thing, it came with the game, Guitar Grip, and Drum Set. Now, when I started playing, I decided to set up the guitar mode instead of drums. I will rate them below.

GUITAR (7/10):
Why is this rated down? The frets are so small than the console that you keep missing notes! Still, when you master it, it's pretty fun.

BASS (9/10):
Glad you got the option to become the Bass player, it is SO much better this way. You want to be Bass on a portable music game? Here's your chance.

DRUMS (4/10):
The buttons were rubber, and there are many reasons why I hate the drums here. First of all, the green button would NEVER respond to me because the creators misplaced it, and second? THE COLORS ARE OUT OF ORDER!!! It should be Red, Yellow, Blue, Green. Not Green, Red, Yellow, Blue.

VOCALS (7/10):
Vocals are pretty cool, until you're in the car that's noisy, or you blow air into the mic. Why? It thinks your singing instead, so you basically don't have to sing. Also, doing it in front of people is pretty embarising when you make a huge mistake or something.

Final Appeal (7/10):
An OK game if you just badly want something that is Guitar Hero, but don't expect it to be awesome.