One of the best NES games;I recently unlocked it on Animal Crossing,and believe a DS remake should be made.

User Rating: 9 | Balloon Fight NES
This is a truly wonderful game.It's over 14 years older then my little sister and SHE is able to enjoy it.A simple formula helps to make this game madly playable.It makes me wonder why a next gen[or even current gen] sequel has'nt been made.It's an influential game which,in some places, in reminiscent of Super Mario Bros.Graphics,which are obviously not as good as the GC or DS,are charming and bold.The various threats,such as the lightning clouds,the giant fish in the bodies of water and the other balloon fighters are great and really make this a game.The trademark Nintendo tunes rock,just by being so.....Nintendoey!When you lose,you want to break your GBA/NES/GC[tick accordingly].Your whole life flashes before your eyes.You'll hate the words "Game" and "Over" forever.