Best Nintendo game ever made...

User Rating: 10 | Balloon Fight NES
I have to say that this is probably one of the most entertaining video games ever created. Forget the graphics, they are awful, it was on an 8 bit system. If you are looking for pure fun, you play this game 2 player. You don't even bother trying to level, you instead just try and kill your companion by popping his balloons.

Once you've run out of lives on one end, the other player than tries to go 'fishing' for the behemoth who will jump up out of the water to eat you.

I think while in college we played this game almost every Friday night for years as a drinking game :P. All in all, this is honestly the best game I've played for NES in the pure fun times department.

Also, there is the Balloon Trip mode which is incredibly fun. The whole point here is to go as long as you can and pop as many balloons as you can without hitting any sparks. If you've only got yourself around, this is a great way to burn some time :P.