Balloon Fight a Joust clone? I don't think so

User Rating: 9.4 | Balloon Fight NES
Balloon Fight, a Joust clone? Most people who originally weren’t a huge fan of joust sited the reason as being a Joust clone perpetrated by Nintendo and it didn’t live up…. But my thoughts are of the outsider opinion, I believe Nintendo may have used Jousts basic premise but Balloon Fight is far from a clone. First with the obvious, balloons are used to keep you in the air (not birds) you make enemies fall to the ground by popping their balloon but beware if you don’t bop em’ on the head when they are grounded they will pump their balloon back up and once again take flight. As an NES game you expect something more or better then a simplistic quarter munching arcade game so that being said… The more you can take out at a time before landing and in the same area (ground or sky) the more points you get. Features include pretty good sound many fun filled and slightly different levels, great replay value for you high score challengers and added nifty little enemy free bonus rounds clench this as a great and highly classic Nintendo masterpiece. Added side note: why were so many games based on popping bubbles or balloons? I’m pretty sure circles weren’t that easy with graphics back then….. we still have trouble with rounding now…… (2005)