Despite my nostalgia with the game, I have to's not very good.

User Rating: 4 | Backyard Baseball '10 WII

The "Backyard Baseball" series was one I was familiar with growing up. I didn't play a ton of Humongous Entertainment's games, but I was all over their "Blue's Clues" titles back in the day, and it was through those that I got my first taste of the series in the form of demos. It wasn't until the 2010s, though, that I actually owned my first "Backyard Baseball" game. Being that I was just getting into the sport and wanted to see if there were any fun Wii baseball games, I decided to give "Backyard Baseball '10" a shot. I sunk way more time into this title than I probably should've, and I had plenty of fun with it then (and hey, even now, it's fun to revisit), but when I really look back on the's just not good.

Don't get it twisted, there are things I like about "Backyard Baseball '10." For starters, the game is accessible and easy to learn for all ages, and the gameplay can be very fun. It's simple stuff, yes, but I will give the game credit in that the feeling you get from hitting a home run is definitely satisfying. While the graphics are nothing all that special, I do like the colorful, kid-friendly aesthetic and the way that real baseball players have been translated to the game. I was also rather pleased with the music and jingles that are very catchy, and I was surprised to see just how much replay value the game had, thanks to its numerous modes and huge list of playable characters.

Even with those few positives, though, there is a lot to dislike about the game: for starters, while they're adorable and likable, the commentators can be unbelievably repetitive here, and it really feels like they should've been allowed to record more material. Also, this is a game that can be very glitchy: I've encountered numerous moments where the game would softlock and a pitcher would continuously try to pick off my runner at first base no matter his speed (if you had a full count and 2 outs, it was almost guaranteed), the game would allow CPUs to score on sacrifice flies, but not human players, and also...why does working a walk lower a player's batting average in this game? Walks don't count as at-bats, they count as plate appearances! Beyond the glitches, though, the major gaping problem that drops this game's score is this: I didn't play the previous "Backyard Baseball" game on the Wii, but I've seen enough gameplay of it online to be able to say, this is literally that same game, copy and pasted and released in a new box. There may be a few different players here, and maybe some of their batting stances look a little different, but no matter how fun the game can be, this is honestly the pinnacle of laziness.

Overall, while I have plenty of nostalgic memories with "Backyard Baseball '10," and while I've sunk more time into it than any human being realistically should, I have to admit that it's just not a very good game. In terms of its craft and overall quality, it's just not made very well, and I can't let my fun memories with it cloud my overall judgement on it. If you have young kids and can find it for a cheap price, maybe it might be worth giving a whirl, but there are better Wii baseball simulators out there.

Final rating: 4 out of 10 "Bad"