Nothing special, but it can be fun.

User Rating: 6 | Backyard Baseball '10 WII
Backyard Baseball 10 is one of those "meh" games that you need to be into its style to appreciate its good qualities.

The Good: The choices you have for fields are pretty cool with a lot of options from a major league looking stadium to a lava mountain. They have pro ball players from the staple man David Ortiz, to other players like chipper jones and Alfonso Soriano. This is a very cool aspect of the game especially for the fans who know these players in real life. You can also make your own player for the game, and if you do season mode you can have that players stats boosted if they accomplish certain things.Lastly you can also adjust the difficulty which can also change the amount of innings each game is (3,6,or 9). Lastly the controlls work great for the wii

The Bad: The little kid appeal that comes with this is def. a factor, not to say adults can't play it and have fun but, its possible. The graphics are poor and the "color" commentary is very anoying and repetitive. Also if you are a true baseball fan you can clearly see the stats placed on the pro players are not right at all which can be very frustrating. When you play the game modes are tournaments, season,pickup, and all star game. This can get very boring after a while which really limits what you can do in the game. This is more child directed, but I can also see a child losing intrest in this game very quickly.