One of the best forgotten platform games ever.Why? see below.

User Rating: 9.5 | Phantasm GB
The game begins with the story of a boy which was killed in an attempt to save his girl from unknown kidnappers.After that the father of his girlfriend resurrects him and send him to find his daughter. The player as a ghost can posses almost every enemy in the game(except the bosses).As you posses different enemies you gain their abilities (e.g if you posses the dragon you can breath deadly fire and kill any enemy withing close range).Different enemies can jump different distances.This helps you tpo get to various "secret places" and get special items.The game has excellent graphics(for it's age and for a platform game).As you advance levels there is different scenery .The game has a variety of different background music which is especially addictive.
I give an overall 9.5/10 to this game because i think it has something that most of the modern platform games lack...It has the ability to take over the enemy and use their powers.