Wow! The most underappreciated game ever imo!

User Rating: 8.5 | Phantasm GB
Ever wonder what it would be like to do whatever you felt like doing to people but no one would ever know it was you? Well, then this game is for you! You play as a ghost who can posses the wide variety of enemies on the game (for the exception of the bosses).

My breakdown:

What's Good:

- Being able to posses darn near every enemy in the game
- A wide variety of abilities you can use as different enemies
- High replay value (a great pick up and play)

What's Not-So-Good:

- I don't think there was a save or password feature in the game
- The game is a bit short
- The game can be too easy some times
- Possessing some enemies are pointless since they can't do anything but move (i.e. the invisible man from stage 3)

What's Bad: Couldn't find anything here

In all, its a really fun platformer to pick up and start playing with an innovative twist on how the game is played.