Cute and fun game... if you get it for no more than $5...

User Rating: 6 | Rorona no Atelier: Arland no Renkinjutsushi PS3
I got (and returned) this game for $54.99, and it started off as a cute game with some fun quirks, but as I finished it in less than 10 hours and having virtually no re playability (aside from trophies) I noticed how flawed the game was.

The gameplay: You have to complete official assignments every 4 months for 3 years, to complete them you must go out and find materials on your travels and then combine them using a neat alchemy system which in turn creates a whole new item for even further synthesis or used raw. In between your harvesting you might fight a battle or two... The battle system is absolutely terrible (good thing it's required little to none) and just manages to get in your way. When you gather your materials you run along a small, linear path with monsters lined up and herbs on the sides... another low point. The entire game is timed so it serves to really get on your nerves when you wish to just finish up some quests and your assignment is due in 2 days..... Other then that, there are no other gameplay elements.

Story: If you're into the whole "no story" thing in games... this might be for you. With the story being weak and as thin as a straw, with no backstory or anything it does get quite dull. The characters are literally as cliche as you get, not necessarily horrible but still annoying and utterly predictable dialogue.

The sound: With a generally small OST there's not much to look for, and it's low budget and gets on your nerves *alot*. The voice actors aren't bad, but they're not too good either....

Overall: A fun/cute game if you can get it for (very) cheap, otherwise, save your time.