Rorona has just the right chemistry!

User Rating: 8.5 | Rorona no Atelier: Arland no Renkinjutsushi PS3
You will like this game because it is cute, fun to play, requires strategy, and it has great replay value! Rorona's Atelier is so addictive, you'll start concocting alchemical wonders in your sleep! ... oh, and PIE!

First of all, the title soundtrack is fantastic. It has enough mystery and wonder to pique your curiosity, while still being a sing-along hit. The in-game music during battles is a might tinny, however, and you may want to turn the volume down slightly if the fight music is getting on your nerves. Exploring and crafting, the music is very good and kind of makes up for the shrill battle music.

Graphically, this game is well put-together. The story, alchemical creations, and "cut-scenes" are presented in the familiar hand-drawn sty|e, yet the game graphics for exploring, and fighting are in a new way and fresh. I think I miss the old pixel art a little bit, but that doesn't spoil Rorona's Atelier for me. There are still the cute-looking characters and lovable feeling created from the wonderful voice acting.

I think what most people grow to like is the crafting of alchemical wares and how it ties into the story and the battles. As the story opens, Rorona finds herself running the city's atelier. She can get jobs from different people and shop owners and, each chapter, she is responsible for creating specific things for the brigade. Leaving town to explore, Rorona can find mineral deposits, special herbs, and rare ingredients she needs. But the wilderness is fraught with peril! There are wild animals and fierce creatures out there, and they will gladly fight Rorona! Defeating enemies will reap rewards of special alchemical ingredients as well.

There is just the right amount of old-sty|e Atelier game charm mixed in with excellent current-generation graphics and a pinch of new style. Well ... maybe more than a pinch! I think my favourite is Atelier Judith, so you can gauge my review accordingly.

Thanks for reading!