Xbox Series X Controller Designer Explains Improved Ergonomics, Revised D-Pad, And More

Here's a better look at how you'll be controlling games on your Xbox Series X.


Xbox Series X is due out this holiday season, and as usual, the new console will launch with a redesigned Xbox controller. This time the controller sports a few new features like a Share button, but otherwise sticks closely to the existing Xbox One design. Senior designer Ryan Whitaker explained some of the decision-making on the Xbox blog.

The new controller has made subtle changes to the ergonomics to fit a wider range of hand sizes, especially smaller ones. Whitaker said the goal was to fit the hands of an average 8-year-old, with rounded bumpers and parts of the triggers, without impacting those with bigger hands. Similarly, the d-pad has been changed to represent a hybrid of the traditional cross design and the dish design, to help suit comfort styles for both. Part of this came from feedback from users playing with the Elite controller, which has swappable d-pad.

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Microsoft also expects the controller to be the touchstone between games on various devices--PC, console, Android, and iOS. That's yet another indication that the company is planning to take a broader approach in the next generation. And to that end, controllers from each generation will be both backwards- and forward-compatible, so you can use your existing Xbox One controller on the Series X, or vice-versa.

Though Xbox Series X is targeting a 2020 release, it's unclear right now Microsoft will roll out its presentations on the upcoming console. E3 2020 looked to be the big showcase, but it's been canceled due to coronavirus concerns. Xbox is planning a digital event this year, but details on timing haven't been shared yet. Still, Microsoft has been sharing more details from time to time, most recently giving a full specs breakdown and a detailed look at the quick resume and fast loading features.

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