Xbox Series X: See Quick Resume And Faster Loading In Action

Xbox Series X will be able to suspend three games at a time (and more).


With a custom internal SSD that Microsoft has designed specifically for speed, the Xbox Series X will be able to load games faster and suspend multiple games at a time for quick resume. Both of these features have been spoken about in the past, but two new demos show exactly how they will work.

Faster load times is easy to understand, but seeing it compared to the Xbox One is revelatory. The demo uses State of Decay 2 as an example, which takes notoriously long to first load into your procedurally populated world. On the Xbox Series X this initial load takes around 10 seconds, while the Xbox One takes five times long at 50 seconds.

Quick Resume expands on functionality in the Xbox One, with the Series X capable of suspending up to three Series X titles at once (Digital Foundry notes in their report that the console could suspend more backwards compatible games at a time). The demo shows this in action, with the player jumping between State of Decay 2, Ori and the Blind Forest, Forza Motorsport 7, and more all while suspending them safely in the background.

The Xbox Series X will be able to cache memory from RAM directly to internal storage, with the console allowing individual games to cache up to 13.5GB each, and a maximum of 40GB reserved for suspend and resume functionality.

The Xbox Series X specs have also been revealed in full detail, including performance targets and support for traditional HDDs for games storage. Gears 5 is also going to receive a free update for Xbox Series X, Microsoft announced.

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