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Xbox One was the Best Selling Console for December -- NPD

Ahead of the NPD's Microsoft lets everyone know that they came out as number one in overall sales over PS4 and Wii U for a second consecutive month.

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Xbox One was number one back in November, and it looks like they did it again for December. We'll be getting sales data for the US from the NPD later today, but Microsoft revealed that they came out number one in console sales in the US once again in a press release today.

The Xbox One is performing even better than the Xbox 360 during the same period, as Microsoft wrote in a press release, "Weekly average sales during these months outpaced Xbox 360 by 50 percent at the same point in its lifecycle." However, the Xbox 360 hit its own milestone by becoming "the best-selling seventh generation console of all time in the U.S."

In addition to having the number one console, Microsoft also trumpeted their success on the software front, writing, "Xbox One sold more games throughout November and December in the U.S. than any other current-generation platform."

Following the system's continued success, Microsoft also announced that the Xbox One will return to its previous $350 price starting tomorrow.

The NPD Group’s Liam Callahan also noted in a separate update that, "Bundles were a major driver of hardware sales this December compared to last with 71 percent of hardware unit sales stemming from Bundles including software, which compares to 32 percent of hardware sales last December."

Overall for 2014, Sony came out on top both globally and worldwide. Sony has sold 18.5 million PlayStation 4 units worldwide. The last hard number from Xbox came back in November when Microsoft announced that it had shipped 10 million units.

The NPD Group also revealed the ten best-selling games for the 2014, which includes games from almost every platform. But be sure to stay tuned next week as well when Microsoft unveils their plans for Windows 10 on January 21.

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