Xbox One/PS4/PC game Evolve gets a cool interactive gameplay trailer

2K Games launches new trailer that lets you switch between six different channels to see how an entire Evolve match plays out.


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2K Games today released a pretty neat interactive gameplay trailer for its upcoming 4v1 Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC multiplayer shooter Evolve. The trailer lets you switch between six different channels to see how an entire Evolve match plays out.

Your viewing options are: Griffin the Trapper, Markov the Assault, Hank the Support, Val the Medic, or the Goliath monster. You can also watch a sixth channel, which combines all five perspectives and features commentary from the game's developers. We have embedded one of the trailers above, but you'll need to visit the game's YouTube channel to see all six perspectives.

Developed by Left 4 Dead creator Turtle Rock Studios, Evolve is powered by the CryEngine. It is a team-based game that has four players competing as hunters against a fifth player, the monster. The hunters view the game from a first-person perspective, while the monster sees the world in third-person. Turtle Rock Studios said this setup represents the "evolution of multiplayer."

You can find out for yourself when Evolve launches later this year. 2K Games parent company Take-Two Interactive acquired Evolve from THQ for $10.8 million during its bankruptcy auction last year.

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Avatar image for s1m007

The Soldiers look like they are ripped off Firefall :) but still an awesome game

Avatar image for ECH71

I give them a huge plus for originality.

Avatar image for LiquidGold

I don't get how a giant monster like that had to beat the guy for ages and still he didn't die the player went into last stand. Looks good though I think the monster of that size should be a brutal killing machine. I mean the first boulder he throw should've surely killed the player instantly.

Avatar image for wallacom

<< LINK REMOVED >> Maybe they did that for the sake of the trailer, and it will probably be tweaked by release date,

Avatar image for JayQproductions

@LiquidGold My thoughts exactly, seems like this games balance is tilted heavily toward the human players.

Avatar image for soccerpzn

<< LINK REMOVED >> realism=/fun game play

Avatar image for intotheminx

It's a shame this game isn't getting more coverage. It is already buried on the front page under 2 Gears of War articles and more Naughty Dog nonsense.

Avatar image for digitaldame

I have a lot of faith that this game will be great, maybe not awesome. But definitely great.

Avatar image for DariusMKN

This one have potential to be great. I'm really impressed.

Avatar image for cboye18

wait, it's another FPS game? Pass.

Avatar image for Poldek87

This is sweet i cant wait to play it , the gameplay seems to be a chalange for both the mosnter and the hunter team ::}

Avatar image for jrcast84

The environment should favor the monster and any living creature there should attack the humans, making it difficult to just hunt down and attack the monster.

Avatar image for zandrxi

<< LINK REMOVED >> ......Did you not watch it .....that was all there hell one of the players was OHK from that river monster

Avatar image for jrcast84

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>I have to keep pausing it, since I am at work. But I did see that river monster that was awesome.

Avatar image for jrcast84

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>No I think it was part of the environment, and if you go into certain water areas those river monsters will auto attack.

Avatar image for mr_nee

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> wasn't that river monster player controlled goliath?

Avatar image for sahandx360

This great multiplayer game is an answer to kids that think adding more player in the game means better multiplayer!

Avatar image for jrcast84

I hope they have smaller monsters, so it is easier to hide and take each shooter out one by one.

Avatar image for kwijeebou

<< LINK REMOVED >> I remember when Game Informer did an article on it, Turtle Rock did say that there would be multiple monsters as well as multiple members of each class to choose from.

Avatar image for Halloll

this game is called Evolve, I wonder how it plays, aaaand it's a shooter

Avatar image for jrcast84

This game looks and sounds awesome, such a great idea.

Avatar image for StHapns247

Humans seem OP.

Avatar image for tommynj

Going to be awesome...

Avatar image for intotheminx

As someone who still plays L4D2, I can safely say I am extremely excited for this game.

Avatar image for Ice-Cube

Now that's some crazy ass shit! This totally threw me off at what Evolve was, though it looks awesome.

Avatar image for the_real_VIP

For the idiots who think it's only multiplayer, NO. They said it back when it was revealed there's singleplayer. See at 2:36


Avatar image for Riotas

Hope they gona show soon some video about new monsters,or even maps.

Avatar image for Gomtor

No SP / story = no interest at all in this.

Avatar image for DrizztDark

Aaaaaaand no body cares...

Avatar image for the_real_VIP

<< LINK REMOVED >> There is a singleplayer story. It's basically the same as Left 4 Dead gameplay except it's 4 vs 1 which can be all players or mix of players and AI.

Avatar image for duhNeighbour

<< LINK REMOVED >> Yep, they revealed months ago there's singleplayer: you can play as the monster VS. 4 AI hunters or any other mixing of players and AI.

Avatar image for DrizztDark

Doubt it and a game like this doesn't need one man... The story bullshit is so over rated for a lot of games. This game just needs awesome gameplay and a good progression...

Avatar image for the_real_VIP

<< LINK REMOVED >> You think there's no storyline with this? Seriously?

Avatar image for tom2750

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> he said story it may have single player but no story line

Avatar image for playstationzone

This game should be free to play .

Avatar image for MattyTheButcher

<< LINK REMOVED >> um... no.

Avatar image for zandrxi

@MattyTheButcher @playstationzone

i think he is trolling ....if not he is just stupid

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